Bones and Bagger

Bones and Bagger
Bones and Bagger

My best friend stuck a knife in my back Friday night before quitting time.  Not knife as in a word for betrayal, but knife as in metal and sharp.  It collapsed my lung, ripped my clothes, and left me wondering how to explain all the blood. It’s happened like that many times over the centuries.  Sparky appears with some idiotic scheme that turns my life upside down.  Or maybe turns me dead.

My day job? I bag groceries and roll them to cars for tips at the American Commissary in Wiesbaden, Germany.  I don’t have a night job.  Good thing, because I’m not a night person…even though I’m a vampire.  So this latest Sparky-induced buffoonery begins with that knife in my back and progresses to a thousand-year-old shrine containing the bones of a legendary German hero and my first attempt at grave robbery.  I’ll battle a sexy Hungarian warrior-woman assassin, match wits and muscles with some ugly demons and take a trip to the other side of the veil to save some people I’ve grown to love.

There’s also an angel involved.  A real one.

Bones and Bagger is the first book of my autobiography.  I call it the Waldlust Series because I live in Germany and the name sounds German…though I could be wrong because I don’t speak German. My roommate Helmet, a ghost, hogs the computer and limits my writing time.  He’s not as passionate about cleaning up the floor sculptures his undead moron of a dog Karl deposits everywhere in our apartment.  Despite those distractions, I’ve completed the first three books of the Waldlust Series and am working on the fourth.  If you want more about me, and especially if you’re a hot chick, email me at  Hey, you’re not laughing, are you?

I’ll not list all the vampire secrecy rules I’m breaking.  Big deal.  I’ve been told my powers are growing.  Even members of The Seven approach me with caution.

The three completed volumes of the Waldlust Series are available in draft, and the first several chapters of Bones and Bagger are available for review on Wattpad at, or 

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